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a not so funny story or maybe its hilarious...

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1a not so funny story or maybe its hilarious... Empty a not so funny story or maybe its hilarious... on Mon Oct 15, 2012 12:00 am

so, Friday night i find something labled "maplestory app crasher" written in ominous blue colouring instead of black... HMM I WONDER WHAT THAT IS. so i delete it. and waddaya know, i reinstall maple and it works. yippee!!!! right?

no... i leave my computer for like 20 minutes to take a shower and i suspect my dad blocked it at that time... cuz the next morning i try to go on to see whats happenin and i FKING CANT D: so very sad/funny/hilarious?/boring story

if i could request one thing though... i actually met a friend when i got on at first and told him i could play ms again -_-''' so i would much appreciate it if someone could whisper a guy called OliverPirate n tell him that i, Leanna, Pie, or w/e you wanna call me, cant get on ms anymore and that if he wants ta chat he can add me on fb on come here to this deserted land of the empty forum universe... thanks in advance... i suppose itll be a few days before someone even looks at this post, this is a lonely forum in the deserted land of the empty forum universe after all... also thanks for reading so many words @.@ posts are never usually this long.

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i saw it but i cant get on till next wekkend DX

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If I get the time to and remember and your friend is online, I'll try to do it. ;0

That's what she said. ;)
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