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headaches DX

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1headaches DX Empty headaches DX on Sat Sep 22, 2012 3:30 pm


hey guys lately ive been having headaches and i may or be on ms today i was earlier training my aran "hes lvl 67" so ya just so you know

edit: so what il do is play ms on Friday for maybe an hour and on Saturday for like 3 hours maybe more so they dont happen as much so ya :3

edit2: ik why its happening my dad said i have his alergies so during fall i just get sick like this so after like october i should be on maplestory like i usauly am so ya

2headaches DX Empty Re: headaches DX on Sun Sep 23, 2012 12:38 pm


Hmmm... I don't think allergies give you headaches, but whatever you say. Everyone experiences allergies differently. You could also just be dehydrated or undernourished. Also, staring at a computer/tv/game screen or anything of the sort for too long could give you headaches. But if anything, I would just use pressure points to relieve them. But if they're really bad, just take medicine and rest a bit. Don't take medicine and go right back, it won't work as well. Buuut yeah, I hope your headaches go away soon. (:

That's what she said. ;)

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