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1Darkness    Empty Darkness on Wed Aug 22, 2012 6:03 pm



Darkness creeps upon us, one day or another. The day that it happens, you can't change it back.
You feel much too sad. You feel too afraid. You feel like your life, should come to an end.
The cause may be great, or it may just be thin. No matter the thing, it makes us all pain.
We first feel it mentally: our brains, we're sad. You then feel it worse. Much worse, so worse. 
Your body feels numb. Numb from the pain. Numb from the pain in which pain strikes your brain. The numbness it strikes makes you lay every day. 
It then makes you weak. Too weak for anything. So weak, that walking, is a pain every day.
You then make no effort, your life feels like it's gone. When eventually, a friend, has come to your side. After this time of distress, this time of full pain, the one you call friend, has finally come.
You feel nothing more, you don't care they're here. Like you'd rather just lay there,  instead of be free. You're forced to get help, to get out of bed. But eventually, a light, will enter again.

That's what she said. ;)
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