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murderer of ziroton 2: demons bane

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1murderer of ziroton 2: demons bane Empty murderer of ziroton 2: demons bane on Sun Jul 01, 2012 8:29 pm

chapter 1 the beginning
"You idiot you failed us again." "I will not fa-" "NO YOU WILL NOT BE THE ONE TO FINISH WHAT YOU STARTED," a high demon shouted. "We will see what happened to how you started and then your death," he said as he chained the demon with demonic chains. He summoned a orb showing how the demon got into Weegee. California, 2012, 3:15pm "Dude you should go with us to the beach," a friend of Weegee's said. "Nah char and I are gonna battle.... again." "How many battles have you two had?" "I forget." then Weegee left when suddenly something attacked him when his friends left."What the?" The attack ended as it started. "ugh what th-" he almost said when he blacked out." The orb disapeared and the demon was on the floor, dead." "How he managed to sneak by that warrior, we'll never know, but the warrior and his friends will die soon." He said then laughed. Arkansa 2015 5 years later after the first "paranormal" Everyone is in the new castle I "obtained" after that demon. They forgot about it, but I haven't. Poke said im worrying too much. Maybe shes right, but I know the demon/ghost was only the beginning. I hear mikey and gus found the rice. I better go in there and join the rest.

chapter 2 the secret garden
"MIKEY NO," I shouted. "but but." "lol char why don't you let them for once," kitty said rolling her eyes cause of a contest to see who can roll there eyes the most when we talk to each other. "cause they have been going through it like animals lately," I said then rolled my eyes. suddenly a earthquake happened and a plate smashed on my head knocking me out. "Char are you ok?" poke said. "..." "hes knocked out!" a hour or so maybe more I woke up in my bed. "What happened?" no one awnsered. Suddenly I saw movement. It was the spirit I knew would return someday... Atara, my blade and friend. "there in the garden and hes back," she said and became my sword I used always. "Then we shall stop him." He was the person who turned evil... his name brings evil and all i shall say is he can use a trumpet as a sword. As I went to the garden I was too late. He captured them. He will pay.

chapter 3 the change
As I ran up the stairs to the garden I saw what I thought was the evil... dead. So was he a pawn or good? But where are the others? I saw a portal to the one place I thought I could never get back to... the dimension Atara lives in. "Why and how would someone open a portal to there," Atara said. "Then how did you get here?" "Our souls are link as blade and soul so I can apear to you at almost anytime because of over using it makes a spirit hole." "Oh." After that we headed in before activating and summon some spirits and machines in a case like this. When we entered it was the same as before, or so I thought. There were demons in some houses and other monsters."What the-" I started to say. "We made a "pact" with them." We went down the trail to find Ataras home. Everyone was there. Before I said how poke, mikey, gus, and kitty got here poke told me. And I knew we may be here for a while.

chapter 4 the end for now
Its been 5 weeks since we have been in Ataras realm and i knew the darkness is only after me. I was going to leave but poke, mikey, gus, and kitty told me in there own ways basicly not to go. But I know I have to or they will be indanger. I got my stuff and got ready to go when poke and Atara blocked my path. "Even if you have to to protect them and her you still cant do this," Atara said. "I know but if I dont all of you will be in danger." "Stay for a bit longer," poke said. I put my bag down smiled and said," Ok then." And so the time before the final battle will soon come.

I was sleeping on the sofa when mikey came and scared the heck out of me. "WHAT THE HECK IS YOUR PROBLEM!" mikey ran and I went to sleep only to be woken by Atara. "I know Atara but its only been a year since we have been blade and soul but still isnt the time for it." "Thats not what I was gonna say." "Oh." "I was gonna say its your birthday so happy birthday the others are in the kitchen waiting for you." I smiled and went into the kitchen for a great day.

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