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[J][D][F] tara's rp

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1[J][D][F] tara's rp Empty [J][D][F] tara's rp on Sat Dec 10, 2011 5:13 am


Tara is a princess from the noble Molasses family. At the age of 7, her father, Jonathan the Brave was posessed by an evil spirit, who caused him to murder his wife and rule the kingdom cruelly. Three years later, an ambitious warrior known as Arthur the Fearsome slaughtered the posessed king and took rule. For the first few months of his reign, the kingdom was in a very peaceful state. However, Arthur the Fearsome was not satisfied. He became as unjust and harsh as the previous ruler, if not more. He appointed Tara as a servant, and always had his whip near to punish her for imperfect work. One day, he kidnapped Tara's aunt, Lillian the Beautiful, and she and her son became his family (her son, Nathan, is handsome and polite at first, but becomes arrogant by his fathers influence). On Tara's 15th birthday, she is kidnapped by Arthur the Fearsome and forced to live several miles from her home with Nathan, whom she is expected to marry.
Tara, Arthur, Nathan, Rose (Tara's closest friend), Shadow Prince (feared assassin who is told to kill the royal family later on)

I'll probably take Arhtur's part
i'll also change the name when i can think of one

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2[J][D][F] tara's rp Empty Re: [J][D][F] tara's rp on Thu Dec 15, 2011 7:51 pm


Damn, I actually dont know what character to be. Hmm...

Once I think of one, I'll post. Hooray!

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